How Much Will It Cost?

1U9A8206We believe in full transparency throughout the entire franchising process. When selecting a new path in your life, you need a partner that can help you through the transition. Part of that transition happens monetarily. Just as with any business, there are some initial setup costs. We have done our best to estimate your initial investment obligation. Below are expected initial expenses to set up your new Pierced? Franchise.

Investment Layout


Initial Franchise Fee $5k – $10k
Equipment Freight, Decor, Fixtures, Furnishings & Small Wares          $4k – $9k
Signage $50 – $200
Insurance $100 – $250
Travel & Living Expenses While Training $500 – $3k
Misc. Supplies $100 – $300
Initial Inventory $13k – $30k
Security Deposit $500 – $4k
Additional funds for the first 3 months $5k – $8k
Computer System $1,500
Total: $29k – $65k

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